Sani-Tech® SPT-60L 

High Accuracy Applications

Pump Tubing for Accurate Dispensing

Sani-Tech® SPT-60L is a premium platinum-cured silicone tubing designed for the most exacting pharma operations where low spallation, long pump life and high accuracy are required. Sani-Tech® SPT-60L provides best-in-class accuracy and precision assuring consistent filling performance and reducing the potential for costly over/under fills.

With an average pump life over *250 hours, Sani-Tech® SPT-60L tubing outperforms competitive extruded silicone tubing providing improved performance and reliability under various pumping conditions. (*Testing was performed on Sani-Tech® SPT-60L tubing using a four-roller peristaltic pump head operating at 400rpm with no backpressure at room temperature).

Filling Accuracy (Target) and Precision (Repeatability)

Sani-Tech® SPT-60L was assessed for accuracy (dispensing target fill volume) and precision (repeatability of delivered volume) against competitive pump tubing marketed for filling applications. Sani-Tech® SPT-60L provided a *4X improvement in filling accuracy and 2X improvement in precision over the closest performing competitor tubing. (*Supplemental data presented in white paper.)

Low Spallation 

Sani-Tech® SPT-60L has the lowest spallation (number of particles and area of particles) across multiple dispensing cycles among the various silicone pump tubing evaluated.


Sani-Tech® SPT-60L tubing is manufactured from platinum-cured silicone materials and tested to a variety of specifications including:


ADCF/BSE/TSE statements

ISO 10993-3 / ISO 10993-5

USP <88> Class VI

EP 3.1.9

For additional compliance data visit to download the Technical Dossier.

Features / Benefits

  • Long Pump Life
  • Low Spallation
  • Accurate and Consistent Dispensing
  • Full Extractables Report per BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG) Protocol
  • Technical Dossier Available
  • Available with ValPlusTM Certification (See page 4 for more details)

Typical Applications

  • Final Fill
  • Extended Duration Pumping
  • Precision Pumping

Sani-Tech® SPT-60L

Sani-Tech®  SPT-60L Pump Tubing Standard Sizes

Part NumberIDODWallBurst pressure (psi)Burst pressure (bar)
inch (mm)inch (mm)inch (mm)
SPT60L-031-10.031 (0.8)0.094 (2.4)0.031 (0.8)*15911
SPT60L-031-20.031 (0.8)0.157 (4.0)0.063 (1.6)18913
SPT60L-047-1570.047 (1.2)0.157 (4.0)0.055 (1.4)16711.5
SPT60L-047-20.047 (1.2)0.173 (4.4)0.063 (1.6)17412
SPT60L-063-10.063 (1.6)0.125 (3.2)0.031 (0.8)1137.8
SPT60L-063-1570.063 (1.6)0.157 (4.0)0.047 (1.2)1419.7
SPT60L-063-20.063 (1.6)0.187 (4.8)0.063 (1.6)*15911
SPT60L-079-2040.079 (2.0)0.204 (5.2)0.063 (1.6)14510
SPT60L-094-20.094 (2.4)0.220 (5.6)0.063 (1.6)1339.1
SPT60L-125-10.125 (3.2)0.187 (4.8)0.031 (0.8)664.6
SPT60L-125-20.125 (3.2)0.250 (6.4)0.063 (1.6)1137.8
SPT60L-125-2680.125 (3.2)0.268 (6.8)0.071 (1.8)1228.4
SPT60L-157-3150.157 (4.0)0.315 (8.0)0.079 (2)1137.8
SPT60L-187-10.187 (4.8)0.250 (6.4)0.031 (0.8)453.1
SPT60L-187-20.187 (4.8)0.313 (8.0)0.063 (1.6)845.8
SPT60L-187-3460.187 (4.8)0.346 (8.8)0.079 (2.0)1006.9
SPT60L-187-30.187 (4.8)0.375 (9.5)0.094 (2.4)1137.8
SPT60L-187-40.187 (4.8)0.438 (11.1)0.125 (3.2)1339.2
SPT60L-197-40.197 (5.0)0.472 (12)0.138 (3.5)1369.4
SPT60L-236-3940.236 (5.9)0.394 (10.0)0.079 (2.0)845.8
SPT60L-250-10.250 (6.4)0.313 (8.0)0.031 (0.8)342.3
SPT60L-250-20.250 (6.4)0.375 (9.5)0.063 (1.6)644.4
SPT60L-250-30.250 (6.4)0.438 (11.1)0.094 (2.4)*936.4
SPT60L-250-40.250 (6.4)0.500 (12.7)0.125 (3.2)1157.9
SPT60L-313-20.313 (8.0)0.438 (11.1)0.063 (1.6)543.7
SPT60L-313-30.313 (8.0)0.500 (12.7)0.094 (2.4)775.3
SPT60L-313-4880.313 (8.0)0.488 (12.4)0.087 (2.2)735
SPT60L-375-20.375 (9.5)0.500 (12.7)0.063 (1.6)503.4
SPT60L-375-30.375 (9.5)0.563 (14.3)0.094 (2.4)694.8
SPT60L-375-40.375 (9.5)0.625 (15.9)0.125 (3.2)845.8
SPT60L-438-30.438 (11.1)0.625 (15.9)0.094 (2.4)574
SPT60L-500-20.500 (12.7)0.625 (15.9)0.063 (1.6)332.2
SPT60L-500-40.500 (12.7)0.750 (19.1)0.125 (3.2)*624.2

*Actual Tested Burst Pressure Part Numbers Burst Pressure Test Method = ASTM D1599 Test Media = Water

The values listed for burst pressures are derived from tests conducted under controlled laboratory conditions. Many factors will reduce the tubing's ability to withstand pressures, including temperature, chemical attack, stress, pulsation and the attachment to fittings. It is imperative that the user conduct tests simulating the conditions of the application prior to specifying the tubing for use.

Sani-Tech® SPT-60L

Sani-Tech®  SPT-60L Pump Tubing Standard Sizes

Peristaltic Pump Tubing Life

Due to its specific formulation, Sani-Tech® SPT-60L provides exceptional continuous pumping duration.

As demonstrated in Table 1, Sani-Tech® SPT-60L provides over 3x the pump life compared to other extruded silicone tubing that are marketed for final fill applications.

Vial Fill Accuracy and Precision (Non-Irradiated Tubing)

Table 2 demonstrates the degradation in vial fill accuracy from the nominal (1.8 mL) target with the number of vial fills. Sani-Tech® SPT-60L maintains higher precision compared to competitors' tubing throughout the duration of the filling trial. (See white paper for more details.)


Using flow-imaging microscopy, spallation within the fluid path was measured as the number of particles produced (number of particle/ml) and the relative size of the particles generated (µm2/ml) over a number of simulated vial fills. The study was per- formed with Ultra-Pure water using a dual six-roller peristaltic pump, operating at 300 rpm (no back pressure at room tempera- ture). The following table summarizes the spallation results for 1/16" x 3/16" ID x OD (1.6 x 4.8 mm) silicone tubing and repre- sents the average sum of all particles produced after 3000 vial fills. The test was done in triplicate.

Sani-Tech® SPT-60L was tested against four final fill marketed silicone tubes and generated 50% less spallation (particles/ml) than the closest competitor.

ValPlusTM Certification

ValPlus™ provides customers with an industry first opportunity to mitigate risk and add value into their production process steps. This enhanced level of tubing validation certification offers a higher level of quality assurance in single-use fluid handling components. Saint-Gobain Life Sciences validates the fluid path of the tubing using a single, normal ANSI Level II sampling plan to meet the following standard industry requirements:

  • USP <788> for Sub-visible Particulates

  • USP <85> and <161> for Endotoxins

  • ISO 11737-1 for Bioburden

For more information on ValPlusTM, please visit