Final Fill Custom Assemblies

Our open-architecture approach as well as our trusted relationships with filling needle and DPTE transfer bag manufacturers allow our customers the ability to customize assemblies using our vast library of components. 

Trust us with the design, quality, and performance of your final fill assembly.

Saint-Gobain Life Sciences is your trusted partner from design to production of single-use assemblies. With expertise in engineering, material science, and application development, we are committed to providing customized solutions for your final fill needs.

Our patented overmolding technology used in single-use assemblies has aided our customers in increasing process productivity and reducing contamination risk, all the while providing unparalleled confidence in product integrity. 

Our Final Fill Service Offering Provides: 

  • FLEXIBILITY IN DESIGN: Our open-architecture approach allows our customers the ability to customize assemblies using our vast library of components. Vertically integrated components such as Pure-Fit® SIB connectors, BarbLock® ultra-secure retainers, and single-use bioprocess bags, coupled with our industry-proven silicone tubing, SPT-60L, can help to achieve your filling process requirements.
  • CONFIDENCE IN QUALITY: Testing to regulatory standards is provided to ensure the cleanliness, biocompatibility, and sterility of assemblies. Request access to the Technical Dossier through the Validation & Technical section of our website for more details on our assembly site and sterility program.
  • PERFORMANCE: Our seamless flow path overmolding technology and range of tubing products support critical fluid path requirements for accuracy of volume delivery, reduced pulsation during filling, and minimized hold-up. Application specific testing on our SPT-60L tubing shows extended pump life, minimal spallation, and best in class filling accuracy and precision when compared against other competitor tubing. White paper coming soon. 
  • TRUSTED PARTNER: Leverage our relationships with filling needle and DPTE transfer bag manufacturers, which among those include the Getinge DPTE-BetaBag® product, for a complete filling assembly solution. Read our latest article with Getinge: How to Speed Up Aseptic Liquid Transfer While Maintaining Sterility?

Custom Assemblies - Case Study

Final Fill Custom Assemblies