Contamination Risk Assessments

Intertek provides risk assessments, scientific review and regulatory support for a wide range of contamination issues.

A contamination can occur when an unwanted contaminant is present in a material, physical body, or the environment. Despite taking precautions and following best practices, a company can face the issue of a contaminated product. Some examples include: machinery or equipment leak, product tampering, and contaminated ingredients from suppliers.

Without adequate evaluation and proper perspective, the consequences may include destruction of entire lots of product, potential product recalls, loss of public confidence / damaged brand image, and possibly litigation.

Contamination Risk Assessment Services

Intertek Cantox's scientific and regulatory experts can provide your company with a wealth of experience in risk assessment. With consideration of potential exposure and hazards, we determine the realistic contamination risks to address the associated uncertainty and fear.

Our services include:

  • Interpretation of the contamination evidence
  • Exposure and risk assessments
  • Definition of the potential risks to consumers
  • Provide strategic consulting advise on minimizing repercussions
  • Assist your company liaising with government officials and addressing public concerns
  • Expert testimony and litigation support